Ulysses Foundation
Ulysses Foundation

In close liaison with institutions and individuals all over the world, the UlyssesFoundation is composed of UNWTO Ulysses Prize laureates as well as UNWTO Ulysses Awardee organizations, enterprises and institutions. It also includes other organizations and individuals concerned with knowledge management relating to tourism.

The UlyssesFoundation forms a working and proactive global knowledge-driven network, free of any particular ideological or political allegiance. Its members exchange research, education, and innovation initiatives in theory and practice.

The UlyssesFoundation focuses on tourism’s actual and potential contributions to development, sustainability, culture, science, and good governance.

Membership in the Ulysses Foundation is reserved to individuals and organizations with an outstanding record in knowledge management and professional activities related or applicable to tourism development, policy and governance.

Membership involves active participation in the Foundation, particularly in its Scientific Council or the Social Council. Associate affiliation with the Foundation is also possible as well as sponsoring of specific programmes and activities.

The Board of Trustees is composed of:

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Executive Secretary: Ms Mercedes Carreño, CENP Business School, Soain