Ulysses Foundation
Ulysses Foundation

The UlyssesFoundation is has his global headquarters in Madrid, Spain, with other offices in all five continents. 

The Global Headquarters Office is located at the heart of Madrid’s University Quarter, Moncloa, near the centre of the city and well placed in respect to all the scientific, educational, cultural, business, and leisure amenities, with fast connections to the airport and high speed transportation systems. Placed within the CENP Building, the UlyssesFoundation offers its members an excellent working space, with reception, offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, and lecture halls, all connected to the world, to feel at home and carry out activities from Madrid. 

The UlyssesFoundation
C/ Joaquín M. López, 60-62
Tel. +34911725115 and +34914484841 Fax +34914479511
28015 Madrid, Spain