Ulysses Foundation
Ulysses Foundation

The 2012 UNWTO Ulysses Prize ceremony and related events were originally planned for the usual dates in May or June, but have been postponed to November 2012 by UNWTO. This could be held in conjunction with the UNWTO Affiliates Assembly. The specific date and venue of the Ulysses ceremony will be communicated shortly.

South Africa has been proposed as the venue for the 2013 UNWTO Ulysses Prize and Forum, taking into account that the 20th UNWTO General Assembly is to be held in Zimbabwe/Zambia at the end of the summer. Agreements have already been signed with local authorities and businesses in South Africa in preparation for this event.

With respect to the Ulysses Forum, we have been approached by some regional and provincial authorities indicating their interest in holding such events. To widen the scope of possible sponsorships, we would like to encourage anyone interested to explore possibilities in their areas of influence.

Some good news is that we were approached by the Spanish Cooperation Agency some nine months ago and have since been able to assist them with projects and methodology on Tourism for Development. This has helped to boost the profile of the Foundation and has been beneficial to its finances. We are hoping we can do more of these types of projects with other cooperation agencies and authorities. Interested parties are also encouraged to explore possible opportunities in projects from cooperation agencies or other funding sources in their respective areas.

Finally, some other local and provincial bodies have shown interest in Foundation activities. Some of these activities could involve the voluntary collaboration of students and young professionals from the Foundation's institutions so we wish to encourage interested parties to consider this participation. All local expenses would be covered for volunteers.