Ulysses Foundation
Ulysses Foundation

The UlyssesFoundation is a not-for-profit organization, a global network with headquarters in Madrid, Spain, with members and activities in all five continents. The Ulysses Foundation focuses its mission on knowledge management programmes and activities relating to tourism as an instrument for development. 

Our members share the idea of tourism as a subtle but effective tool, engaging the powers of science, technology, and governance to contribute to the overarching goal of the 21st century: Sustainable Inclusive Development.

The UlyssesFoundation is entrusted with assisting UNWTO in knowledge management, and specifically with the UNWTO Ulysses Prize and Awards, a global initiative to recognize and disseminate excellence in tourism knowledge management. It also organizes Ulysses Forums —a world class series of events where academicians, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and government officials meet to discuss advancements in tourism theory, management, and governance, and to facilitate their application in the real world. The UlyssesFoundation also offers its capacities (and those of its members) to governments, private institutions and civil society organizations worldwide in all matters concerning the transfer of knowledge for tourism strategy, policy and governance, positioning and marketing, product development, environmental conservation, and communication.

ULYSSESFOUNDATION. c/ Joaquín M. López, 60-62, E-28015 Madrid, Spain, Ph. +34 911725115, +34 914484841